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Hi everyone. Richard Carlton here. A quick update for this week. We are updating the calendar in FM Starting Point. We talked about that last week. If you missed last week’s video, then I’m going to get you up to speed here real quick.
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We are introducing a brand new, dynamic, very cool calendar that’s part of FM Starting Point. However, some of you are asking if we can bolt it into your existing solution. If you want that, just reach out to the coaching team at RCC Support and they can talk to you about it.

Effectively the technology is free. Of course there would be a little bit of labor to bolt it in for you and you can do it yourself or we can help you or whatever click here to find out more you want to do.

So primarily, what I’ve been working on, for those of you who wonder about such things, is working on new video courses. What possibly could those be? I have no idea.

That being said, we’ve been discussing with customers and talking about success stories with customers, but using the FileMaker platform. So what we’re discussing with customers is their ROI, their return on investment. After they invest in FileMaker and they optimize their processes, what are they saving in terms of time and money, et cetera?

If you have any questions or are interested in the coaching program please send an email to RCC Support
Feel free to check out our training video courses
and make sure you grab a copy of our free, fully unlock solution FM starting point atFM

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